Psychology ERA

This blog used to contain learning and teaching resources for VCE Psychology.  I am no longer teaching, however did notice the huge traffic directed to this blog from search engines with terms such as “how to write an ERA”, “ERA examples”, “writing an Emperical Research Activity”, “psychology ERA”, etc.

The information here is a guide only, and clarification should be sought from a VCE Psychology textbook.

Detailed example of how to write a Psychology ERA
Good example of an ERA
Poor example of an ERA
ERA marking guide

Introduction (remember to use referencing!!!)

  • Write about broad area of study
  • Write about more specific area of study (eg, link between broad area of study and specific topic)
  • Write about specific topic (eg, how it links to the the specific area of study)
  • Write about past research relating to topic (what they did, found, concluded)
  • Write the aim (how your research differs from the previous research)
  • Write the operational hypothesis (including IV, DV and research population)

Method (remember to use sub-headings!!!)

  • Participants: describe them and how they were selected (number, gender, age, location)
  • Materials: identify all of the materials used
  • Procedure: anybody should be able to replicate your study based on what you include here, and remember ethical considerations

Results (present information in correct order)

  • Describe the descriptive statistics used on the raw data including the measure of central tendency used
  • Present your graph/table with correct title, labelling of axis, etc
  • Describe in writing what the graph/table shows (incorporate statistics)
  • Describe the inferential statistics used and the test of significance results

Discussion (ensure all claims are supported)

  • State whether the hypothesis was supported or rejected
  • Use descriptive/inferential statistics from results section to support your claim including p value
  • Compare your method/results to the previous research
  • Identify limitations, how the impacted on research and how they could be avoided
  • Discuss whether the results from the sample could be generalised to the research population (make reference to limitations and inferential statistics)

Reference List

  • To be listed in alphabetical order

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